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Longboard surf camp
In Canggu, Bali 

since 2017


Canggu is the perfect location for you to enjoy surfing and explore for more.


Real improvements. Training program created for surfers in all levels from complete beginners to intermediate surfers.


Countless places you can go for eat and experience in just about 5min radius.

The famous beach clubs, restaurants, cafe, and co-working places. Canggu offers everything you'll need for your perfect holiday.


High quality videos provided. Zoom camera from the beach, Drone flying above your head, in water photography. All the options are here at Indian Summer Bali.


Learn from a surfer and a surfboard shaper. You can get a deeper understanding of surfing by understanding how your board works and what it is made of.


Great opportunity to connect with surfers all around the world.

Our guests are coming from all over the world. We do our lessons in Korean, English and Japanese. 


Reviews from

our customers

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surf camp
price list

what's included?

Accomodation + Surf lesson 1:2 + Soft top Rental
+ Taking videos + Video Review + Ground Training

Day off: every sunday (You can add 'Afternoon Lesson' for sunday)

All camp programs require a minimum of 3 days for participation. This is because to provide a systematic teaching of the basic knowledge required for surfing, one or two days are insufficient.

For return visitors, there is no minimum participation requirement, and even one day is possible.

(Mans dorm 1st floor, Womans dorm 2nd floor)

1 day


3 nights 4 days

1 week


7 nights 8 days
6 lessons

2 weeks


14 nights 15 days
12 lessons

3 weeks


21 nights 22 days
18 lessons

4 weeks


28 nights 29 days
24 lessons

* Additional drone package $40/1 person 

Private Room
(Max 2 person, 2nd fl)

1 day


3 nights 4 days

2pax $195

1 week


7 nights 8 days
6 lessons

2pax $1,150

2 weeks


14 nights 15 days
12 lessons

2pax $2,170

3 weeks


21 nights 22 days
18 lessons

2pax $2,900

4 weeks


28 nights 29 days
24 lessons

2pax $3,510

* Additional drone package $40/1 person 

Without Accomodation
(with transport)

1 day


3 nights 4 days

1 week


6 lessons

2 weeks


12 lessons

3 weeks


18 lessons

4 weeks


24 lessons

* Additional drone package $40/1 person 

The same surfcamp program but excluding accommodation.

Transportation included from Indian Summer Bali location to surf spot and back. 

(Not pick up or drop off at the customer's accommodation.)

Surf Camp price list

Special Package 
for Beginners

This is an introductory special package designed for those who have only tried experience lessons once or twice in Korea or have never tried surfing before.

add only


* On the day after check-in, we won't go surfing immediately. Instead, we'll start with paddle training in the pool. and ground take-off training. The next day, it includes a private lesson with an instructor.


* The basic camp program is designed for first-time participants, as those with limited experience often find the waves in Bali challenging and demanding.

* This program was created based on the feedback of novice guests who arrived in Bali in the early hours, possibly sleep-deprived, and were startled by the waves the next morning.

* Please consider that in Bali, even on smaller days, the waves can be quite powerful, which differs from what you may have experienced in Korea. Please keep this in mind when making your choice.

surf trip
price list

what's included?

Transport + Taking videos

Surf trip
(without Accomo)

1 day


1 day

1 week


Trip 6 times

2 weeks


Trip 12 times

3 weeks


Trip 18 times

4 weeks


Trip 24 times

Surf Trip program is for surfers who can catch waves by themselves and are experienced enough to look at both sides before take-off because there is no instructor assigned to watch over you for the whole time. To sign up for this surftrip program, send us your videos that show how you take-off looking at both sides and how you finish your riding safely. This condition is to make sure it is safe for you and other surfers around you. 

(Please note : Even when your video shows your skills are good enough, Bali waves are often so powerful that you might not be able to handle your board like you used to do in smaller waves. After you have your first session with us in Bali and if your skills seem like it is not safe enough for others and yourself, we might ask you to change to the regular program.)

Surf trip price list

1 day Session

Afternoon Surf lesson

1:1 private

1 session / 2hr


 *Surf Hours : Ask it via whatsapp first (Depend on Tide)

*Surf spot : Berawa, Batu Bolong Beach.

* How to Pay?

 By 6PM the day before you want to surf. (not on the day)

 At 'Vibes Surfboards' shop.

* Included : 

- 1:1 session with highly experienced surf instructor.

- 2hours surf session, Motorbike ride to surfspot and back. 

- soft-top board included. 

* What's the difference from the regular program?

: video, review, training, car rides are not included.

price list

Additional price list

Hard surfboard

1 session / 2hr


Discounts available for hardboard rentals of 6 days or more on long-term rentals.



Vibes Tiger logo.png

'Vibes Surfboards' is the brand that launched in 2017 by shaper Parco who is also the head coach in Indian Summer Bali.

Rental boards that we have in Indian Summer Bali are not just made for the purpose of rental, it is all made for Parco and Rose to test ride and daily surf. You can count on the quality we have and better experience when you rent a 'Vibes Surfboards' from us.

- There'll be a damage check before your first session to see if there's any previous damage on the board that you're renting.

- When initial damage check, there should be in presence of both customer and the person in charge of surfcamp.

- After damage check, if any damage occurs; including in case of negligent or wilful damage or loss, the person who rents the board shall be reliable for damages during the time of rent.

Charges will be by the amount on the receipt from the repair shop. 

 Example :  

- if any damage : repair fee + delivery fee(if needed).

- if loss : a reasonable amount shall be calculated for the lost board.


As you request hardboard rental, please send us your recent surf video that includes your take off, how you finished your rides, how you go over the waves as a reference. You must be able to hold on to your board at all times when there are other surfers around you. If you don't have any video, it will be a soft-top board for the first day and let's discuss the next day's rental as we watch the videos of yours together.

Please understand that we don't rent hardboards to a beginner level surfer to prevent any serious accident.

Please understand that a hardboard can cause serious damage to yourself and others if the surfer can't handle the board properly. 

This safety principle of ours is not negotiable.

additional 1:1 private lesson

1 session / 2hr


Surfcamp program is 1:2 (1instructor : 2guests) basis but you can upgrade to 1:1 with extra charge shown above.

Highly recommended to the guests who easily get scared by bigger waves or who can't swim, etc.

airport Pick up

Airport pick up oneway


Airport pick up round trip


Professional local driver will be assigned to pick you up at the airport.

We'll make a group chat in Whatsap before your arrival for you to meet our driver easier and faster right after the baggage claim.

Price above is up to 2people in one car. 

rental bike

Honda Vario / Yamaha fino

1 day

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks






Included : Surf rack, phone holder, helmet.

Driver's license required upon request to rent.

Drone videography


weekly drone videography

1 time


  • When you see the drone video of yourself, it shows so much more you can see than the regular videos from the beach.

  • Very effective to know exactly how you did on the surfboard when you're riding, how you paddle too.

  • 2times in a week. (in random, depends on weather condition)

  • Guarantee minimum of 6 drone videos in two sessions.

  • The drone will simultaneously look for all members who sign up for the drone package. 

  • It is a package for a group of people, it can not guarantee that it'll capture all your ridings. 

  • If you want to make sure to get more videos for the day, please request for a private drone session as below. 

전체 동영상

전체 동영상

Watch Now

private drone videography

1 sesson / 2 hour


  • You can request a specific day for the shoot.

  • If the weather condition is not suitable for the shoot, it can be changed to another date. 

  • Batteries that can run for almost 2hours.

  • All the videos provided for you to keep.

  • Price above is for 1 person. (2people or a couple's private session can be possible upon request. Please contact us for the price)





Welcome Back! 

You will get a discount when you come back. 

The amount you'll get discount will be 5% from the amount of the last time.


The discount amount can be upto 50% of the new reservation.

(For example : last time 2months stayed, this time reservation only for 5days. it'll be only upto 50% for the total amount of 5days) 



"If you recommend a friend, both the first-time visitor and the person who made the introduction will receive a 5% discount on their next visit. Please provide your friend's recommendation and share your personal WhatsApp number with Parco for future discounts."



Bank account

Mandiri Bank 1750002258274 Seyong Park 

swift code: BMRIIDJA / KK Canggu Berawa

refund policy

Please read before your payment.

Please note before you make your payment that we shall not be liable for any refund in below cases.

- Getting an injury during surf is at your own risk, please be careful at all times. 

- Cancellation on the day (both partially or entirely)

* Regarding insurance : If you take part in activities whilst travelling that have been organised and arranged independently of us, participation is at your own risk and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained the relevant insurance. 

  • 15days before the lesson starts 100% refund

  • 14-5days before the lesson starts 70% refund

  • less than 5days before the lesson starts 50% refund

  • From the day of the first session, no refund.

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